Business development and project management at a global startup that provides cutting-edge technology and power solutions to fundamentally change the way the world uses energy.

株式会社Greenphard Energy

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➊Business development to expand our business worldwide, both domestically and internationally.
➋Project Management.
Lead and manage the introduction of Greenphad products to corporate customers, mainly large enterprises. Manage the entire flow of projects from sales to contract negotiations, technical adjustments, installation management, partner company management, and schedule management.
➌Business development strategy formulation and execution.
Develop and execute complex business schemes.
➍Contract negotiations and drafting.
Negotiations and contract drafting with major enterprise clients, business partners, and agents. Summarize negotiations, draft contracts, and coordinate with lawyers for final confirmation.
➎Developing the basic architecture of both software and hardware for product development.
Handle the upstream process of technology development, which is interlinked with the business model and client-side facilities. Also, cover technical development, including hardware, as our systems encompass both software and hardware.
➏Corporate and agency sales.
Formulate and execute strategies, including development methods. The sales approach is primarily inbound. Sales activities involve creating PowerPoint presentations and materials and appealing through various channels, including face-to-face and online meetings.
➐Promotion strategy formulation and execution.
Lead and execute activities linked to sales, such as media exposure and participation in exhibitions.
➑Company organization construction.
Working on personnel expansion and organizational structure due to business expansion. Building a diverse environment where everyone can work healthily and with motivation, achieving their best performance.


➊Startup and professional mindset.
Seeking proactive individuals who can work autonomously and may become future executives. As we aim to be a group of professionals who don’t require micromanagement, independent professional work is expected.
➋A shared vision for our socially contributive business.
Greenphard's foundation is contributing to society and the world, such as solving climate change issues!
➌Bachelor's degree or equivalent business experience.
➍Business-level proficiency in English and Japanese.
As our internal language and clients are multinational, communication skills in English are essential. Japanese ability is also necessary for the business team due to the current client base in Japan.
➎At least 1 year of experience in B2B business development or corporate sales. (Ok if capable without experience.)
➏At least 1 year of experience in technology development-related work. (Ok if capable without experience.)

### **Beneficial Experience and Qualifications

➊Experience in the electricity-related business.
As we are constructing complex schemes, knowledge in this sector is appreciated.
➋Experience in constructing and executing complex business schemes.
Our business involves many stakeholders, requiring complex business schemes.
➌Experience in structured finance or similar financial schemes in business.
We offer technology and finance schemes, so experience in that kind of financial experience is beneficial.


就業形態 正社員(無期)/時短正社員/契約社員(パートアルバイト含む)/業務委託(副業・複業)
年収目安(フルタイム時) 400万円 〜 1200万円
勤務地 東京都港区 海岸1-4-22 SNビル 9F
勤務時間(フルタイム時) ~
休日・休暇 Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, summer vacation, year-end and New Year holidays, paid leave
待遇・福利厚生 ➊A rewarding, socially contributive business with a multinational global team.
Our business has significant social significance and impact. It’s not just about earning money, but contributing to the world through one's work and lifestyle. We look forward to meeting those who want to contribute to society and the world, not just earn money. The working environment is a multinational global team. We are global from the outset, fighting global problems with colleagues worldwide. Our business knows no borders. Different cultures and values may clash, but overcoming these differences leads to fun, interesting work and innovation that a homogeneous group cannot achieve.
➋High-level business experience and the chance to become an executive.
Our business is challenging and requires skill and ability. However, those who can succeed here can succeed anywhere. Joining us now and delivering results offers the opportunity to become an executive, regardless of age, nationality, or educational background. We provide opportunities for all members.
➌Diversity, health first, and a flexible working environment.
We sometimes require hard work due to being a startup, but our priority is a healthy, work-life balance, and flexible working style. Sometimes, We offer personal stretching (massage) sessions in the office. There is a member who has 2 kids who can work like the other main members, because we provide a super flexible workstyle, So many kinds of life style people can work easily. We strive for a healthy working environment where each person, regardless of gender, nationality, or age, can perform their best.
➍Compensation on par with major corporations plus stock options unique to startups.
Compensation is competitive and based on ability, skills, and results. In addition to regular pay, we offer stock options – a real perk of working in a startup. Given our current business progress, you can expect a return far beyond what a regular salaried employee would earn.
試用期間 The trial period is three months, and other conditions are the same as for full-time employees.
仕事日数(正社員以外の場合) 週3日〜

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株式会社Greenphard Energy
Business development and project management at a global startup that provides cutting-edge technology and power solutions to fundamentally change the way the world uses energy.