世界のエネルギーの使い方を根本から変える電力ソリューションを提供するグローバルスタートアップでのフロントエンド・バックエンドエンジニアを募集!(We are hiring Frontend and Backend Engineers for a global startup that offers power solutions aiming to revolutionize the fundamental usage of energy worldwide!)

株式会社Greenphard Energy

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Frontend Engineers
➊Frontend development and maintenance of SaaS applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, and other web technologies.
➋Collaborate with backend developers, designers, and product managers to deliver high-quality features and user interfaces.
➌Optimize web applications for performance, accessibility, and cross-browser compatibility.
➍Follow best practices and standards to ensure clean, reusable, and well-documented coding.
➎Test and debug web applications using various tools and frameworks.

Backend Engineers
➊PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, .NET, JavaScript, and other languages or frameworks to develop scalable and robust backend services.
➋Design, develop, test, and deploy APIs.
➌Collaborate closely with frontend teams and other stakeholders for seamless integration and achieving optimal user experiences.
➍Integration with external APIs and services such as AWS, Stripe, Twilio.
➎Follow best practices and standards to ensure clean, reusable, and well-documented coding.
➏Troubleshooting and debugging backend system issues and errors.
➐Implementation of data storage solutions using various databases like SQL, NoSQL, MongoDB.
➑Research and evaluate new technologies and tools to enhance backend architecture and performance.



Greenphard Energyのベースとなっているのは気候変動等の解決など社会や世界に貢献する志です!是非、志のある方に集まって頂きたいです。



- コンピュータサイエンスまたは関連分野の学士号、または同等の実務経験
- 3年以上のフロントエンド開発者としての経験(日本語を含むウェブサイトの制作経験)
- HTML、CSS、JavaScript、Reactに精通していること
- AWSの利用経験、AmplifyやCognitoを利用したホスティング経験
- Plotly、ChartJs、MapboxやFoliumとの統合などのプロットツールの使用経験
- Websocketの使用に関する十分な理解と経験
- レスポンシブWebデザイン、開発、テストの経験
- RESTful APIとデータビジュアライゼーションの経験
- Git、Webpack、Sass、Bootstrap、その他のウェブ開発ツールに精通していること
- SEOの原則とウェブ解析の知識
- 高いコミュニケーション能力とチームワーク
- 細部へのこだわりと問題解決能力

- 3年以上のWebアプリケーションのバックエンド開発者またはエンジニアとしての経験
- PHP、Python、Ruby、Java、.NET、JavaScriptなど、少なくとも1つのバックエンドプログラミング言語およびフレームワークに精通していること
- HTML5、CSS3、JavaScriptなどのフロントエンド技術に精通していること
- RESTful APIやWebサービスの開発および統合の経験
- SQL、NoSQL、MongoDBなど、様々なデータベースやデータストレージシステムの使用経験
- AWS、Azure、Google Cloudなどのクラウドプラットフォームやサービスの知識
- SASS、LESSなどのサーバーサイド技術の知識
- Git、アジャイル、スクラムなどのウェブ開発ツールや方法論の知識
- 優れた問題解決能力、分析能力、コミュニケーション能力
- スピード感のある環境で、自主的かつ協調的に業務を遂行できる方


➊Startup Mindset and Professionalism:
We are seeking individuals with a startup mindset and a proactive, self-directed approach, as everyone has the potential to become future executives. As we aim to foster a professional group that fundamentally does not require micro-management, the expectation is for everyone to work independently.

➋Alignment with the High-Impact Mission of Our Business:
We are driven by the desire to contribute to society and the world by addressing issues such as climate change. We invite individuals who share this passion to join us in making a meaningful impact.

➌Bachelor's Degree or Equivalent Business Experience:
Age, nationality, education, and gender are not barriers if you have the skills and abilities. We welcome candidates with a bachelor's degree or equivalent business experience.

➍Business Level Proficiency in English and Japanese:
Business partners and clients are both domestic and international, making English the official language within the company. Given the multinational nature of both our internal team and clients, strong communication skills in English are essential. While Japanese language proficiency is necessary for the business team, especially considering our current Japanese clients, English proficiency is equally crucial.

➎Required Skills and Experience (Frontend)
- Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related field, or equivalent practical experience.
- Over 3 years of experience as a frontend developer, including website creation with Japanese content.
- Proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React.
- Experience using AWS, with hosting experience using Amplify and Cognito.
- Previous experience integrating plotting tools such as Plotly, ChartJs, Mapbox, and Folium.
- In-depth understanding and experience with Websocket usage.
- Experience in responsive web design, development, and testing.
- Previous involvement with RESTful APIs and data visualization.
- Proficiency in Git, Webpack, Sass, Bootstrap, and other web development tools.
- Knowledge of SEO principles and web analytics.
- Strong communication skills and teamwork.
- Attention to detail and problem-solving abilities.

➏Required Skills and Experience (Backend)
- Over 3 years of experience as a backend developer or engineer for web applications.
- Proficiency in at least one backend programming language and framework, such as PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, .NET, or JavaScript.
- In-depth knowledge of frontend technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.
- Experience in the development and integration of RESTful APIs and web services.
- Experience with various databases and data storage systems, including SQL, NoSQL, and MongoDB.
- Knowledge of cloud platforms and services such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.
- Understanding of server-side technologies like SASS, LESS, etc.
- Proficiency in web development tools and methodologies, including Git, Agile, and Scrum.
- Excellent problem-solving, analytical, and communication skills.
- Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a fast-paced environment with a sense of urgency.


就業形態 正社員(無期)/時短正社員/契約社員(パートアルバイト含む)/業務委託(フリーランス)/業務委託(副業・複業)
年収目安(フルタイム時) 400万円 〜 1200万円
勤務地 東京都港区 海岸1-4-22 SNビル 9F
休日・休暇 土日、祝日、夏期休暇、年末年始、有給休暇
待遇・福利厚生 ➊やりがいのある社会貢献性の高い事業、多国籍のグローバルチーム





➊Meaningful Social Contribution and a Multinational Global Team:
Our business is highly socially impactful, creating significant positive changes in society. Instead of aiming to become global, we started as a global team from the beginning. Employees with diverse cultural backgrounds and values collaborate to address various challenges. We invite individuals who share an interest in new ventures, have a drive to improve collectively as a team, and are passionate about making a positive impact.

➋High-Level Business Experience and Opportunities for Executive Leadership:
Our business is challenging, requiring high-level skills, but those who deliver results have the opportunity to become executives. Age, nationality, education, and gender are not barriers; we provide opportunities to all members.

➌Diversity, Health First, and a Flexible Working Environment:
While hard work is sometimes necessary due to the nature of startup work, we prioritize the health and happiness of our employees. We occasionally bring in personal stretch (massage) trainers to the office, and some team members successfully balance work with parenting responsibilities. Greenphard Energy supports various flexible working arrangements to ensure you can perform at your best.

➍Competitive Compensation Comparable to Major Corporations + Startup Stock Option System:
Compensation is based on abilities, skills, and results rather than seniority. We offer a competitive compensation package comparable to major corporations. In addition to regular compensation, we provide stock options, a unique benefit of startup companies.
試用期間 3か月
仕事日数(正社員以外の場合) 週3日〜

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株式会社Greenphard Energy
世界のエネルギーの使い方を根本から変える電力ソリューションを提供するグローバルスタートアップでのフロントエンド・バックエンドエンジニアを募集!(We are hiring Frontend and Backend Engineers for a global startup that offers power solutions aiming to revolutionize the fundamental usage of energy worldwide!)